Living Through Hell

Living Through Hell sounds like an interesting title for now. I may change it before I finish writing this post but its what came to mind and what’s been on my mind for a long time. Back a couple of months ago my monitor bit the dust on me. Not before it literally burned me though. As a man of little means I couldn’t afford to replace it at the time, and there was no way in hell I was going to take my Macbook into the dangers of the internet. I paid a lot of money for that computer and I bought it for one reason only. That reason was to record music. I have yet to master that thing, but I’m getting closer every time I use it. I’m glad I made the choice to not use it for internet purposes because it gave me time away from the internet and especially facebook. I will not give them the courtesy of linking to that hell hole. I want nothing to do with wretched website anymore. Its a curse on society as I see it.

It seems the more technologically advanced we become as a society the further away we get from being human beings. Mankind has become far from kind when it comes to places like facebook. Its given the bullies a pulpit from which to spread their hatred among mankind. I stayed away from that website for about two months. After finally replacing my monitor my curiosity got  the best of me one day and I decided to check in and see how it was going. I had 4 or 5 messages and a couple of new friend requests, but nothing much had really changed about it except the hatred level. With another presidential election eight months away I was dismayed by the level of intensity in the hatred. The people are fighting about who they want to be our next president. I know that’s nothing really new, but this time around I took notice that we really don’t have much of a choice when it comes to selecting a new president. They’re all terrible choices, as usual. Its just more obvious than ever to me this time.

I’ve been trying to wake people up to this reality for far too long now. If you read my last post you’d know that this whole thing is a charade. People are in denial about it too. Its been that way my entire life and even before I was born. If you really believe “we the people” are in control of our destiny you’re only fooling yourself. The people at the top of the pyramid are laughing at us peons down here at the bottom. This entire system is a pyramid scheme and I’m just about convinced that that is what the so called “great pyramids” of Egypt stand for. They are symbols that represent the true nature of all governmental systems. The ones who make it to the top make it on the backs of those at the bottom. Life is not fair because we as a whole allow it to be that way. Nobody stands up to “the man” and tells him enough! And the reason nobody stands up to “the man” and tells him that is because nobody can name “the man”. “The Man” is not a person. Its impossible to do that.

I didn’t come to this conclusion overnight. I’ve been thinking about this my adult life. I’m over 50 years old and I never voted for a president until Slick Willy came along and conned me into believing his lies on the television. I was seduced by the television. It wasn’t necessarily slick Willy that seduced me into believing his lies. It was the means by which it was done. Bill Clinton, just like every other president we get is nothing more than a decent actor. He was a great actor before he got caught putting his dick in Monica Lewinsky. He probably never would have been exposed for the fraud that he is if he had not done something that pissed off the establishment. Obama has been a good little boy for the establishment. He done their bidding so well that they allowed him another four year term at his acting job. Don’t think for a minute that the establishment wouldn’t do him in if he fucked up and told the truth about anything. The last guy who tried that ended up getting his brain splattered all over Jackie’s dress and a black limousine in Dallas Texas in 1963.

What makes me sick is that so many people are aware of this and say nothing about it. The people that still think Oswald did it are either in deep denial or they’ve been effectively brainwashed by that fucking boob tube and the actors on it. Everyone of them are “actors”. You have been conned by the television and a “belief system”. Welcome to Hell my friends. The Christian religious fanatics are all waiting and watching for the anti-Christ and the Mark of The Beast. Its been right in their faces the whole time and there’s hundreds of channels to choose from, and I’m fucking tired of this shit! That goes for all religions too. I don’t want to single any specific one of them out. Christianity just happens to be the religion I know the most about. They’re all fucking evil as fuck and they’re nothing more than a part of the system that keeps us from revolting against those at the top of the pyramid. Wake the fuck up people!!



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