Its Been A While

Its been quite a while since I’ve made a post. I’ve been without a computer for while though. About two months ago I was sitting at my desk and heard a noise that sounded like someone walking on leaves outside my window. I stood up and cracked the blinds open and noticed a flame coming from inside my computer monitor. “Oh shit” I thought to myself and quickly grabbed a can of compressed air. I started blowing it at the flame inside the monitor and the next thing I knew a huge flame erupted from it. It never crossed my mind that a can of compressed air would be flammable. Know I know. It burned the hair off my right hand and made my face pretty warm too, but nothing serious. Except for my poor monitor that ended up dead. I’m not a wealthy person so it took me a while to gather enough money to replace it. I finally found a used one for 50 dollars and I’m back in business now. I do own a laptop but I don’t connect it to the internet very often. Just enough to keep it updated, but I don’t surf the web with it. Its a Macbook Pro and I use it strictly for the recording software, Garageband. I know I’m probably a little overly protective of it, but like I said, I’m not a wealthy person and my Macbook was hard to come by for me.

I got a lot accomplished though during my internet downtime. Things I wouldn’t normally do because I spend too much time on the internet. Since I’m disabled there’s not a lot of physical activity I can do anymore, but I made the best of it and got a lot of small jobs done around the house that’s been needing done for a while. I also had a lot of time to think about life in general. I’m somewhat of a philosopher anyway, so I do a lot of thinking. My mind is like a sponge for knowledge. I’ve always been that way as far back as I can remember. I used to read encyclopedias a lot when I was younger and there was no such thing as an internet. The internet was like a dream come true for me. You can literally find out just about anything you want to know with the internet. Well, everything but what is kept secret from most of society.

My first computer was a Packard Bell with Windows 3.11 for an operating system. Things have come a long way since those days. I can still remember having to boot in DOS to remove malware and viruses back in the day. Back then I got to where I could pretty well glance of the start up files and see something out of place. Now DOS is like a foreign language to me and writing programs/coding is way out of my league. Until now that is. I’ve always heard about Linux but never really knew anything about it except that it was an operating system and that it was “open source”. I was happy with Windows though for most of my computer days and just never really got into it. That has recently changed though. I’ve went through several computers over the years and I’ve always had it at the back of my mind that one of these days I was going to put a computer together with a Linux operating system on it and find out what it was all about.

Recently my dad had told me he had some computers that were outdated. He was using Windows XP on them. Since XP and Vista are being phased out a lot of people think they need a new computer. I’ve had a little experience with Windows 8 and I hated it. Windows 8 looked like an overgrown cell phone to me. I got a laptop not long after Windows 8 hit the market. I needed a laptop for some work I was doing. I needed a way to email some pictures of some machinery. A guy my father and I know is a machinery dealer and had bought a bunch of machinery from Mexico sight unseen. His business is based in New York and rather than ship the machinery all the way to New York he rented a building in Texas to store it. Since its not all that far away from me he hired my father and I to go unpack the machinery from the shipping crates and take inventory of it. Since neither of us had a laptop at the time he bought one for us so we could email pictures of the machinery to him. We got a cheap Dell with Windows 8 on it and it did the job. It took some getting used to though because I was used to XP and Vista operating systems. I ended up getting to keep that laptop as part of my pay for the job. I didn’t like it so I gave it to my wife. She had it screwed up in about a week. Any computer she touches is pretty well doomed. And since it was a Windows 8 machine I didn’t care enough to try fixing it and plead ignorant. After several months I decided to give it a try. I really don’t know what was wrong with it. I just reset the thing and it started working right again. By then Windows 10 was out and it was suggested (by the computer) to upgrade to Windows 10. I got it all fixed and gave it back to her but by then she had become attached to her ipad and I ended up giving it to my dad.

In turn he ended up giving me his old computers. I had a friend of mine make a disc for me that would install Linux Mint 17. All I had to do was set the boot order to boot from the CD/DVD drive and I was in business. The computers my dad gave me were missing the hard drives. He took them out and destroyed them because he’s kinda paranoid like that. He was scared that someone would get into his bank account if they ever got a hold of it. At the time he didn’t know he was going to donated them to me. Fine with me. If I was going to “build” a new computer I wanted a clean slate to start from anyway. I went through my collection of junk computers until I found one that had a hard drive that would fit it. The hard drive was password protected and I couldn’t crack it. It was a computer I had found at the dump. I know there are ways to do that but I’m not that advanced when it comes to computers. I know a little more than the average user, and that’s not saying much.

So far I really like the Linux operating system. I’ve learned quite a bit from this experience too. I now know that there are several different Linux operating systems. Mint 17 is similar to something like Windows XP or Vista. Only better in my opinion. The way its designed its actually easier to use than a Windows system in my opinion. There are a lot of features that you don’t find on Windows too. It seems to be geared more toward something a programmer or game designer would use. I’m sure its a hackers dream too lol. So far so good. Its really piqued my interest in computers again, and I’ve always loved the idea of “open source” software. Knowledge should be free in my opinion, and Linux is a very friendly operating system when it comes to things like that. Who knows, I may be writing code before long. I’m having a lot of fun exploring the new system. I haven’t done much online with it yet. I don’t plan on using it for web surfing either. For once I have a computer that is free of any personal information and its going to stay that way. No online banking, no purchases, nothing of any use to a would be hacker. I’m still using my old Windows machine with a new (used) monitor and I’m just happy to be back on the internet soaking up knowledge and writing on my blog.

As I learn more about Linux I’ll share my experience with the blog world here. That’s about all I have for now but I’ll be back soon with a new post. I’m already hatching ideas for more.

Peace out ………



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