Still Kickin’

Just wanted to burp out a little post to say I’m still hanging in there and still sober as can be unless you’re gonna kick me over mouthwash that I don’t swallow anyway. That’s non-fluoride mouthwash by the way. I haven’t had a lot to say lately, or maybe so much that I can’t even begin to say it. Things are cool though despite the gang stalkers and demons trying to fuck with me. Will they ever give it up? I’m doubtful of that but hey, bring it on if you must. Get your ya ya’s out of your system because you don’t have a lot of time left. Me? I’ve got plenty of time.

I haven’t even looked at my blog in a while. Lots of shit has been happening and I’ve been busy researching as usual. I wrote a song recently but I haven’t been back to put music to it yet or even read the lyrics. It took me about ten minutes to write it because I was writing two more while I was writing that one. I figure after the first of the year I’ll put my studio back into use and do some recording. I’m pretty sure I’ve got this now.

I took a songwriting course online from Berklee school of music almost a year ago. Pat Pattison was my professor. I didn’t participate in the course as much as most students did. I wasn’t after a certificate to hang on my wall. I don’t give a damn about that kind of stuff. I was just after the information. I could have paid forty bucks and got a piece of paper saying I took the course, but what’s the point in that? There was no pass or fail, so why bother?

I know, you’re probably wondering about the gang stalkers and demons and where the hell that came from. I’ll get around to that in my next post though. Its no big deal really. Its just some losers thinking they can scare me. But I’m not afraid of anyone. Shit like that happens after you’ve tasted death. Life is just a journey, not a destination. Its not over when you leave this earthly body. Unless you happen to be one of them. Which I’m not.

I’ll be back with some good stuff pretty soon. Like I said, I’ve been researching a lot lately. Until then, may peace and love be upon you…