I Just Want Them To Know That I Know

Now the little fat bastard with the candy addiction is talking behind my back. He doesn’t know I have eyes and ears everywhere. He doesn’t know that I played music at a biker club last weekend. He doesn’t know that I drank a whole bottle of water and played the lead to Give Me Three Steps on my guitar while I was wearing my old Harley Davidson boots. I told that little fat bastard that he only knows what I allow him to know. The fat little motherfucker shook my hand and told me he respected me. Now he’s going to talk behind my back?  This guy don’t know how lucky him and I both are.

If all this shit would have happened five or six years ago I would probably be in jail and he would still be wondering how he swallowed all those teeth. They say everything happens when its supposed to. That’s good for me and him both I suppose. He has no idea what all I do know. And he never will. But you can bet your ass someone is going to hear about everything. He might know a little bit, because I saw a familiar last name on a list of (25) Board Members of a local United Way Chapter. I have their financial statement and IRS Form 990 from 2013. And I have all 25 names on that list. And #24 (a female attorney) shares a last name with that fat boy.

The place he works for is affiliated with The United Way. Those bastards sent me a bill for 200 dollars for a mental evaluation done by a fat little sugar addicted twelve stepping crank head cultist. He hasn’t read the Orange Papers? But he knows about AVRT?  Or at least he says he has heard about it. I don’t think this guy has been honest with me since day one, and all he’s gotten from me was honesty.

I don’t want to have to take this to litigation. Since that’s a rigged game too, I doubt it would do me a lot of good. I know how the laws of commerce are used to dominate the laws that people follow. I know that humans are word controlled creatures. And I know the meaning of a lot of those words. I know about how humans are used as energy resources, and how the corporate system is all about NOT taking responsibility for the problems it is causing. People are treated as products to be used by the money system. That’s why they assign you a number after you are birthed. Or is that berthed? I also know that the court system works in harmony with the banking system to extract revenue from people. I know how words and money have been used to enslave us. All you have to do is start breaking down words and examining their connections and meanings.

I know what a drivers license is. I know what a driver is, and I know what a motor vehicle is. I don’t drive. I travel. And there’s a big difference. Drivers get paid to operate motor vehicles because they are conducting commerce. Most people don’t know what they are getting into by signing a drivers license. When you sign it, you are consenting to play by a set of rules that are not in your favor. When you register a motor vehicle with a “state” you are essentially giving up any rights you thought you had to that motor vehicle that you call a car. And you’re paying rent on that thing too.

I may be ignorant of some things, but I’m far from stupid. And I just want them to know that I know. The Emperor has no clothes, bitch. And I just started yet another file on these bastards. I will burn the whole shit-house down before I go. Its too late to put the fire out now. And all they’re doing is pouring gasoline on it. Keep it up motherfuckers. Everybody needs to know, and I’m going to do my best to tell my side of the story. I never gave much thought about The United Way before all this bullshit happened. Now they’ve made the “expose these fuckers too” list.

Separation of Church and Statemy ass!

They are joined at the hip.

Stay tuned …. you don’t want to miss anything.

I may not last long enough to tell it all. But I’m going to spill all the beans I can before I go peacefully into the night. Bank on it! There’s no such thing as dying, as most people understand it. The fat lady can’t sing worth a shit either. And I’ve already let the cat out of the bag long before I started this blog.






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