And One More Thing

I’m going to piss on my grave before I go. Has anybody got a match? I would say, “hold my beer and watch this shit” ….. but I’m a recovering narcaholic. Not to be confused with a snitch. I’ve learned a lot in my short time here. Most of it is useless information. I’ve had more lives than a cat too. One thing I know is, I’m not gonna turn anybody on to the devil and I’m not gonna tell ’em who God is. That ain’t my gig …… dig? I don’t need nobody telling me who God is or where to look for him either. I’ve been here over 51 years now.

Happy “stupid kid day” to all my brothers and sisters in the armed services. You don’t have to do that shit anymore! Its a scam, and people are using you! You don’t owe them a fucking thing! Wake up and stop letting them do it to you. Just because they trained you to do it, don’t mean you have to do it. Those people over there ain’t doing anything to you. And even Jesus wasn’t no Christian. He was a good teacher though. Hardly anyone got it, unfortunately. They’re still over there killing his cousins, and the “Christian’s” are cheering it on, just like they cheered for his ass to be nailed to that cross. Some will even say that was “the jews” and the jews will say it  was the Romans. Nobody wants to fess up to that.

Speaking of cross nailing. I think Ben Carson might be about to get it too. He’s damn sure flirting with the devil so to speak. If he’s for real. You never quite know about that until its hindsight. Obama thought his records were hindsight too. Knock, knock ….. you know who is here again! He just thought he could get away with that. Larry Sinclair has been singing his song all along, but nobody is listening. But enough about politics. I don’t have time for that anymore. I’ve got more important things to do, and I can’t fix that problem. Maybe Jeb can go back in time and fix that. I doubt it though, since his grandfather helped finance it.

And then there’s this guy I know. He’s been trying to open up a big fucking can of whoop ass for three months now, and he don’t even own a can opener. He don’t know where to even borrow that can opener. I don’t think one even exists anymore. He tried pretty hard. He pushed every button he could find too, and I bet its still in his head. I hope he forgets it soon and gets some sleep now. He’s not a bad guy. He’s just book smart and wants to help people. And I hope he does help some people too. Its a noble cause in my book. He’s been trying to fix what isn’t broken with me though. I don’t have that problem anymore.

I didn’t even have it when he met me. He’s about 6 years late. He finally told me he respected me and shook my hand. I guess I’ll find out eventually if he was being truthful. I told him if the state was a person I’d take that old expired piece of plastic and shove it so far up their ass they’d be choking on it for a week. There may not be much left of this old free bird but they ain’t getting any more. They already got everything I’m willing to give them. And that’s all anybody gets. You only get what I allow you to get. We’re all like that too.  Some genius has probably made up a diagnosis for it and published it in the DSM V.  Shit is on MY terms now though motherfucker. And it won’t do any good to put this old free bird in a cage. I’ll just shit all over the place and they’ll have to keep feeding me and cleaning up shit. That guy is history and I buried him myself, one teaspoon of dirt at a time. And now I’m gonna piss all over his grave before I go.

Just because I CAN.

And it ain’t nobody’s business but mine ………

I’m not planning on going away anytime soon. There’s still some shit left to do before the fat lady sings.

Peace! And happy?  belated Veterans Day. I didn’t want to rain on anyone else’ day ON that “stupid kids” day of mine. I’m thankful I never had to kill anybody and that I caught on just in time. I’m pretty convinced that that ain’t nowhere near what God’s plans are for me. God has nicer things for me to do. I had to go through a lot of tribulations to even start figuring it out. My dear Mother, rest her soul, always said I was a daredevil. We were pretty close. I was her first child too. Parents don’t want to pick favorites. Some kids just stand out more than others.

Naturally I caught all the shit for my siblings. Usually by setting bad examples for them. It must have been so bad that none of them hardly ever speak to me anymore. I’ve got my dad left though. I never did get along with him back when I was that defiant smart ass know it all kid. A lot of that hasn’t went away either. I like to think of it as honest, bold, blunt, and to the point. A lot of people, as it turns out, don’t like that kind of honesty. But that’s they’re problem. I’m only a message carrier that looks like an old Hippy. Don’t ask me too many why questions. I don’t know them all, and some of them answers get you into trouble if you do know them and tell others.


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