Hello world!

This is my first ever post with wordpress. I’ll admit I’m and old hand at blogger and have had several blogs there over the years. Something about blogger just couldn’t make me fall on board 100% with them though. Don’t get me wrong, lots of people have made some very nice blogs using blogger, but wordpress came along and offered a different look and feel about it. I admit it confused me when I first opened an account and I ended up shelving it because I had just gotten too used to blogger and didn’t want to go through a whole new learning process. A lot has changed with WordPress since it first started and it looks to be a lot easier to use now compared to what it originally looked like. This, I think I can get used to pretty quickly.

I’ve been on several forums over the years and even bulletin boards before websites came to be what they are today. When I first started out I had a Hewlett Packard computer with a 386 SX processor in it and it was one of the better computers on the market at the time for ease of use. If I’m not mistaken, my first OS was something like Windows 3.1 lol. We still used DOS a lot back in those days to manually take viruses out of our systems. DOS was a learning system and a half, but if you ever caught on to it, it was pretty cool.. My first “mission” in life when I got my first PC was to try to find out who killed JFK and his brother Bobby Kennedy. And then it turned to Martin Luther King Jr and the Oklahoma City Bombing and the Clinton crime family here in Arkansas. And eventually, the Bush Crime Family. I have lived in Arkansas for close to 30 years now and it just so happens that I live not far from the infamous Mena Airport. The conspiracy crowd will know exactly what I’m talking about when I say Mena Airport. I have enough personal knowledge of those days that I do know a little about that, and yes. I do believe there were secret operations going on out of that airport. I have stories of interest to tell about those days too. But what I have are just little tiny pieces of a huge puzzle that are not easy to put together. Believe me. these guys are some top notch criminals. The best of the best.. I don’t have any proof of anything, but I know some people, and knew some people who were definitely “in the know” back in those days.

Since almost all of those people are either dead now, or almost dead. I think its time to shine a little light and give a few pieces of the puzzle that they may not have known about before. I know some of the stories I can tell have never made mainstream media news. A lot of what I do know is on the public record though. The problem with a lot of it is that its not been digitized for the internet. It can all be looked up the old fashioned way that journalists used to do on a regular basis. And that’s going through archived newspapers and micro fish from back in those days.

My own theories have developed and changed over time. I’m one of these guys that’s been down some deep rabbit holes over the last twenty or so years. You tend to develop a good bullshit detector over that many years too if you’re very observant. NEVER EVER just read one or two articles and come to a conclusion on ANYTHING. That’s rule number one.  …I know there are some websites out there that say they are reporting the truth, and I have to admit they are attractive websites. professionally done with all the bells and whistles, but they have a “National Enquirer” feel about a lot of them… Alex Jones is probably right up there on top of these truth/conspiracy/fear porn websites in the world. He’s made a multi million dollar enterprise out of this prisonplanet.com and ifowars.com website. Rense.com is another site who’s popularity is also pretty big, much like “Fear Porn” Alex Jones. The entire conspiracy scene has become a several million dollar cottage industry in itself. The best way to tell who’s a bullshitter fear porn site is to take a look at their sponsors. The more shit they advertise and sell, the less apt they are at being a true “truther” site. A True “Truther” doesn’t do it for money. They do it because they really do care about the environment and social justice. There is no reward greater than changing things for the better and being one who makes an impact on the world.

Sure people need money to get by. No doubt about it. Until things change, that’s just the system we are stuck with. And maybe it will never change and just get worse until its downright in your face despotism. It could be argued that we’re already there and that its been creeping up on us for years. I tend to fall somewhat into that latter category. My only question to it all is, can we change it? Or are we stuck with it and heading to hell in a hand basket? There’s got to be some drastic changes if we’re ever to turn this country around and make it the shining beacon that it once was. Unfortunately our country has been taken over legally as a corporation. That happened back in the 1700’s with the Emergency Banking act that basically claimed Washington DC as a headquarters for the corporation of THE UNITED STATES. Yes I spelled that in capital letters for a good reason. That’s legal mumbo jumbo. Anything spelled in all caps on legal documents represents a strawman/corporation. Your Birth Certificate  and your Drivers License just to name two things, represent your “corporation”.This is so you can be prosecuted under civil law instead of natural law. There’s a huge difference between Corporate Civil Law and Natural Law. Jordan Maxwell has a lot of information on this subject as well as a few other book writers and lecturers. I’ll be getting into this issue as I go along.

There’s also the religious route too. Religions have a pretty good size voting block going on and you might be surprised at how that influences elections. At least it did years ago when voting fraud wasn’t near as rampant as it is today. There’s supposed to be a separation of church and state in this country but you can turn on any Sunday religious broadcast and hear the coercion these preachers preach to their congregations. One thing you can bet on for instance, is that the southern fundamentalist Christian vote is going to go to the republican/neocons in a mass majority. Even though voting republican is against these people’s best interest, they do it anyway. And that’s because the democrats have been known as the “tax and spend” party. That meme has been driven into people heads for years via television “news” that are really just one sided opinion shows. The republicans claim to be for the for the little guy, and play heavily on the second amendment issue to secure those southern votes. They are far from being a friend of the little guy and so are the democrats.

Folks, things are nothing like they seem. The world we live in today is based on lies and ruled by old money. I’m going to do my best to help expose what’s really going on in the country and word today. Maybe a few people will pick up on this blog and do some checking on my work. I’ll gladly welcome corrections to my work when someone shows me I’m wrong on something here and there. I just want the truth as much as the next guy. I have read a lot of books in my day and have been researching for over 20 years now on the internet looking for the truth. I’ve found a lot of it too. But it can’t be told overnight. Its taken me well over half my life of researching in my spare time to learn what I know so far. I may never know everything, but I want to learn as much about this crazy world of conspiracies as I can.

I hope that those who manage to find my blog will all get something out of it. I want people to chime in when I might be wrong. Just know this ….. Everything I will be posting on this blog is, and will be, well researched before I publish it. I’m not one of those copy and paste keyboard warriors that doesn’t research what I write about. I will always do my best to provide reliable links and book references and even documentaries to back what I say. This is the first of many posts I will be doing, so sit back and get ready to go down some rabbit holes with me. I’ve working on some very good articles for this blog. Subjects I have studied for a long time in some cases. I hope you will enjoy my blog.

Peace everyone ….. Black Ops Buster